We have a team of highly trained consultants and legal advisors who work in coordination with Dr Rekha Mehta.

Misuse of dowry laws

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About Us

We have worked with several cases of divorce and resolved them amicably without the usual pain and sorrow which is usually involved in a divorce case. We give psychological counseling to ease off the pain and try to heal your wounds. We help you overcome the phase which you are going through in your life and come out of this difficult time in flying colors.
The work of a psychologist complements the work of a lawyer in a mutually consented divorce petition. Lawyers are specialist in a courtroom. Psychologists are specialist in the room of the heart which are not as bland as a courtroom. The emotions involved need care. Drawing out your emotions in a court is similar to trying to medically heal a hurt person in a battlefield.

Our professional qualifications Include
Post Graduate in Psychology from Delhi University.
Doctorates in Clinical Psychology from UK.
Specially trained in Divorce Mediation
specially trained in family and property dispute settlement
Specially trained Marriage and Relationship Counselor

Heal out of the divorce

  • Unnecessary bickering
  • Finger pointing
  • Meaningless long fights over money
  • Reputation tarnished
  • Real or unreal blames

What we can do to help you during a divorce?

  • Help you in settling down your emotions and emotional trauma.
  • Help you in settling down the terms of your divorce through mutual consent.
  • Help you settle down terms involving money.
  • Help you settle down issues of child custody and visitation rights.
  • Help you move on in life.