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An important note from
Dr. Rekha Mehta " Divorce mediation is not advised for anybody and everybody. Divorce is not a solution for any and all marriage problems. We undertake this painful process if and only if both the partners have thoroughly examined all points of making the marriage work and reached a conclusion that this is a point of no return. We undertake a case for this purpose after very through screening and at our sole discretion only.

Divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is a process of reducing and limiting the pain of divorce. Psychologically assisted Divorce mediation limits the painful issues and the mediator acts as a go between two partners who have reached a conclusion that permanent separation or divorce is the only solution. It also involves Emotional Trauma Therapy for both the separating partners individually.

What we can do to help you during a divorce?

  • Help you in settling down your emotions and emotional trauma.
  • Help you in settling down the terms of your divorce through mutual consent.
  • Help you settle down terms involving money.
  • Help you settle down issues of child custody and visitation rights.
  • Help you move on in life.

You are not alone in this pain. Reach out to us. We can help you.
Please remember all is not lost. Just as life continues if people go away after death, life still continues, it may falter a little but it continues. Similarly your life can pick up and move on and you can be happy after a divorce. Believe in it and you can.

What is additional pain of Divorce without mediation?

However much we may have loved our partners in the past, the realization that we will be possibly be alone throughout our life's dashing all our hopes of a happy family can unsettle us to the core.
It is the pain of a part of the body being removed from us. This pain can be unbearable and if not healed or treated scar us emotionally for life. We need help in this difficult time. Family support is a must. We also need Emotional Healing Therapy from a professional who can help us come out of our sorrow.

There is so much one thinks what after the divorce?
How to deal with the pain of children?
How to cope up in society as a divorcee ?
How to make everybody understand "It was not my fault"?
How to fill my life out of emptiness, the void which has been created how to fill it again?
Thinking all the time what could I have done different to have not let this happen?
Endless blame game, he/she is mean, he she should have done different to not let this happen?

Therapy for emotional healing is a must for separating couples individually to help you
heal out of the divorce
All the pain felt triggers off a cycle of retaliation and anger and the fights are witnessed in the courtrooms, homes and family gatherings.
Unnecessary bickering,
Finger pointing.
Real or unreal blames.
Reputation tarnished.
Meaningless long fights over money
Custodial battles

a lot of psychological studies have suggested that painful continued contact after having agreed and accepted to divorce will generate unnecessary pain and trauma till you have gotten out of the pain.

Please remember: Putting and expressing your anger on contested divorce petitions is not the best way to deal with your pain. Papers of anger and accusations will not help you and have never helped angry people undergoing the pain of divorce. It is a sad fact that it may be the end of the world for you but the courts are really not interested to listen in to too much of your sorrows. Nor they have the time. They only will briefly see if divorce can be curtailed or stopped and then over a short or long duration grant it. All your pain will become public and all the anger will become a permanent frustration and a cold sorrow in your heart.

Your pain is personal. Since you need to deal with it. A trained professional can help you with it.